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Freedom Flow  Yoga

With Ruth Hasson


I have 20 years experience of teaching exercise classes. I was diagnosed with post natal depression after the birth of my son. The only thing that helped  was going to exercise classes. I would watch the clock till it was gym time. I decided then that I wanted to be a fitness teacher. I said to myself "I want to help people like me to get better and feel better about themselves".


So I done my research and completed my fitness diploma, I also practiced Yoga in my own time and found this helped too. The older I got the more I felt I needed to switch off and stretch my body, so I again done my research and started my Yoga Training and completed my certification. I now teach Yoga Classes throughout West Cumbria in different venues as a Freelance Yoga Teacher. With a background in the fitness industry and the knowledge I have gained on the body mechanics and the mental health awareness programmes, I am able to provide a very unique and adaptable approach to Yoga in a none judgemental and relaxed atmosphere.

I also teach Yoga Shred TM 

Yoga Shred is Totally new to England and was developed by Sadie Nardini in America.


I am currently the only fully qualified Yoga Shred instructor in West Cumbria. I gained My qualification on 08/08/18.

A yoga shred routine consists of  beautiful yoga stretches to totally stretch and warm up the muscles of the body. Then there's the HIIT (high intensity interval training) section which will get your heart beating and your body glowing from the inside out.


Yoga Shred offers you safer joint anatomy and less impact on your body. You will feel amazing as your body will be burning fat and calories long after your workout has finished, you will feel results fast! Yoga Shred is suitable for all fitness levels from the complete beginner to the more advanced, all ages from 14 onwards welcome....you wont know what your missing till you give it a go!

Total Bliss out Dynamic Stretch - Totally stretches the whole body and concentrating on The Fascia (the deep connective tissue) Totally stretch the body and quieten the mind. Is excellent in preventing injury and easing pain caused through injury. We use beautiful uplifting music to lift your spirits and for the Yoga Shred we use some old school classics to get you really in the mood. 

Classes (Term time only)

Tuesday 9:30-10:30

Bigrigg Village Hall

(Near petrol station)

£7 pp

Gentle Yoga ShredⓇ with Beautiful Relaxation

Wednesday 18:00 - 19:30

Bigrigg Village Hall

(Near petrol station)


Core Aware Yoga + Yoga ShredⓇ and a Beautiful Relaxation

Tuesday 12:00-15:00

Home Tuition/ Office Yoga

West Cumbria

From £50 per hour

Relaxation Yoga

Friday 09:30 - 10:30

Bigrigg Village Hall

£7 pp

Total Bliss Out Dynamic Yoga with Beautiful Relaxation

"Ruth, I had never been to a yoga class before attending your classes. Im already seeing a change in my body shape and actually said to a class member on Tuesday night I'm not sure id enjoy any other class as I enjoy yours. You consider everyones capabilities and put everyones mind at ease. We have a great group at the Gosforth class and so pleased you've extended the duration of the class!

Laura Clarke

Get In Touch

Email: Info@ffyogawithruth.com

Telephone: 07712595005